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Teacher Package on the Holodomor
Ukrainian Famine Education

Table of Contents

  1. Soviet Man-Made Famine In Ukraine by James E. Mace
  2. The Ukrainian Famine of 1932 - 1933 as Genocide in the Light of the UN Convention of 1948 by Roman Serbyn
  3. Supplementary to Teacher Education Package
    1. The Famine Genocide in Ukraine: A Teacher's Guide
    2. Holodomor Outline
    3. Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity
    4. Additional Papers
      1. The Terror-Famine in Perspective by Robert Conquest
      2. Famine and Nationalism in Soviet Ukraine: Postscript by James E. Mace
      3. The Organized Preparation of the Famine by S.O. Pidhainy
      4. The Great Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933 as an Instrument of Soviet Nationalities Policy (two parts) by Anna Bolubash
    5. Documents
      1. Decree on Protection of Property
      2. Resolution On Blacklisting Villages
      3. Decree Condemning Ukrainization
      4. Decree Prohibiting Departure of Peasants
      5. Directive in Connection With Mass Departure
      6. UN Convention on Genocide
    6. Holodomor Exhibit
    7. Links
    8. Glossary
    9. Credits

International Recognition of the Holodomor as an act of Genocide